• 6 x artic tractor units, 44 tones gross weight, 28 tonne carrying capacity
  • 1 x six wheel curtain – 8m length, 26 tonne gross weight,
    15 tonne carrying capacity.
  • 1 x rigid 4 wheel flat – 8m length, 18 tonne gross weight,
    10 tonne carrying capacity.
  • 1 x Mercedes Sprinter – 4m length, 1.5 tonne carrying capacity.


  • Flats – all 28 tonne carrying capacity, various lengths and posted available.
  • Curtain - 28 tonne carrying capacity 13.6m (45’) long.
  • We are able to hire various step-frame low loaders and
    additional trailers, at short notice, for any other requirements.

Conditions of Carriage

All haulage is accepted under the RHA Conditions of Carriage.


Maintenance ServicesDafSkania

We offer a range of maintenance services by qualified staff in our own workshop on the premises:

  • Vehicle and trailer inspections to V.I standard
  • Vehicle and trailer servicing, repairs and refurbishment
  • Windscreen repair/refurbishment service


Parking & Storage and Office Facilities

Parking, storage and office facilities possible subject to availability.